22 feb 2011

Tomas Alonso

Variations of a tube

V&A Chairs

Mr. Lights Junior

5 degree stool

A stool reduced to its minimum expression.
As temporary seating devices, long term comfort is not usually a mayor priority in the design of stools.
5° stool uses that premise as a starting point to explore the use of a different formal language that focuses on reducing the amount of material and space used to a minimum.

Mr. Lights Series

Mr.1, Mr.2 and Mr.3 are the first three of a series of lights designed around the new LED T8 tube light bulbs.
Aside from being radically more energy efficient and durable than standard fluorescent bulbs, these newly developed light tubes allow for more flexibility with the design by reducing the number of components needed to power them as well as by not needing a reflector shade. These lights explore the formal continuity between the bulb and the fixture while playing with the way the materials come together to produce a series of unexpected characters.

La verdad que no se porque este no ha sido uno de los primeros post de este humilde blog. El señor Alonso es todo un icono y referencia personal en lo que al diseño se refiere. Ha sabido dotar de personalidad todo el trabajo que realiza y cada una de sus piezas tiene ese toque de genialidad que se espera de todo gran diseñador industrial.

The truth is that I do not know why I haven't created this post before. Mr Alonso is an icon and a personal reference for design. He has imposed on his work an Alonso personality and each piece has a genious touch, all that you can expect from a brilliant industrial designer.


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