1 feb 2011

Rohan Chhabra: Embodying Ethics

The basic concept of the collection Embodying Ethics
“Embodying Ethics is an attempt of creating a Critical Design positioning to produce Socially Responsive design. The objects question the narrative of production, its material, origin, manufacturing but also challenges the narrative of consumption, creating new interaction and social experiences. The focus of this work is to examine Designs ability to ask carefully crafted questions than just provide solutions. The objects question ethics, create dilemma, provoke debate, raise awareness and allows design to deal with more complex human emotions and values. This project Embodying Ethics works on a methodology called the Ethical Design System, which is used as a tool for innovation to create 'new objects'. These new objects are justified for their existence as they replace values of consumption and destruction with reflection and appreciation.”

In which stores would like to see your collections sold? “As a part of the 3 stages of this project inform, reform and give form. I want see them in the first stage 'inform' being sold as art objects in galleries and museums. In the second stage 'reform' I plan to commercialize the objects in sustainable materials and thus spread the message to a wider audience.”

interview extract from vogue.it talents

Rohan Chhabra

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