30 jun 2009

Happy pride

I was supposed to be in Madrid this weekend but I am staying in Seville working... F*CK. I will ever be at the gay parade once in my live?. So bizarre for a gay man right?

25 jun 2009

Nice Exhibition

23 jun 2009

High Line NYC

Otro gran proyecto que se hace realidad. Otra razón para ir a Nueva York.

Another project that becomes true. Another reason to go to NYC.

See beatiful images here.

Thank you Edgar, without your blog I will never notice this

22 jun 2009

18 jun 2009


This is a little bit old but this colection of Balenciaga is amazing!

16 jun 2009

Industrial Desing from the A to the Z >>> Bb

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

They have been defined as a fresh breeze on the coast of Brittany. These brothers found fame at the italian manufacturer Cappellini. In the early years they reinterpretate diverse objects. Their work has a high degree of harmony, multiple functionality and they create their own style.
I knew them because of their Joyn office system for Vitra which revolutioned the modern work enviroment and for me as and architect has made me redesign the concept of working space, much more open and less compartimented.

Vegetal chair, 2009

Algues, 2004

Clouds shelving and Spring chair, 2003

Joyn office system, 2002

Desintegrated Kitchen, 1998

15 jun 2009

It is B... Bitch

Gimme Gimme




Gimme Gimme


powered by

just to set the record straight, I am a huge fan of Britney!

It hurts so good!

The second season is here!

14 jun 2009

Prada Transformer

One of the last creations from the OMA AMO office of architecture and Reem Koolhaas. It is a pavillion which literally changes his position in order to change its use. Useful or not at least is very very original and made me forget those projects on Dubai

more information here

Dirrrty 93 millions of euros

This is not sexy...

... this is very disgusting.

11 jun 2009

HOT [Pirelli Calendar]

Kate Moss

Gisele Bundchen

Get ready to take your clothes off, the summer is here!

Rodrigo Calazans

jum jum... :-P
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