30 abr 2012

Picture of the week

Picasso's One Million Euros drawing

26 abr 2012

Edsel Ford's 1934 Model 40

This is the first time that I am posting about cars. But you have to agree that this automobile is a beauty. Why cars are not made like this anymore?

24 abr 2012

Milan 2012 star product

Surface Tension Lamp by Front 

A bubble is brief, and bursts at your touch. But while it lasts, it catches the light and reflects the room like a multi-coloured temporary structure. We wanted to create a constantly changing lamp that combines the most ephemeral of lampshade with an LED light source that will last for 50 000 hours. In the time it takes the LED to burn out, the lamp will have had 3 million different globe shades.


 designed by  Bram Boo at Bulo

The overdose desk is a workspace inspired by my own mess. I always work at several projects at the same time. I needed a desk into which I could quickly throw someting and, above all, quickly retrieve it. It is a dynamic desk that is a joy to work at casually. Material: Base: 4 legs, steel powdercoated lily white. Table top: 50 mm MDF powdercoated lily white. 4 boxes in different sizes. Multiply veneered, European oak veneer, oiled. 

Following the same line: Overdose Storage.

via http://www.archiproducts.com/

22 abr 2012

El Hermatocrítico de Arte

 Que se te ****** encima un angel ” (Il cherubino degeneratti) Lorenzo Lotto

” Romano en clase de hip hop “ (La coreograffie molto adelantatti) Elisabetta Sirani

” Oposiciones a Papa Noel ” (Santo Nicolassi preparandi il exámeni troppo importanti) Domenico Ghirlandaio

” La santa depilación ” (La clínica estética molto primitivi) Escuela de Reniana

” Señora intentando recordar dónde dejó el sujetador “ (Il mio sosteni sei desubicati) Annibale Carraci

” Las enanas Kung Fu “ (Der karatezusters) Martin Van Meytens

Un blog adictivo y muy original que mira desde otro punto de vista obras de arte creando una nueva historia en si mismas

21 abr 2012

Duggan Morris Architects

Neo Neon

Electric Louis

Low Bolt Mirror

Bright on Bristo

Hight Bolt Mirror

Neo Night Nightsland


by Terry Richardson

for Harper's Bazar magazine

The promotion for her new movie To Rome with Love directed by Woody Allen starts

18 abr 2012


Stamp Lamp in pacivated gold zinc by Tom Dixon 
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360volt: vintage industrial lamps

In my recent trip to Amsterdam I pop up in a very interesting and peculiar shop with vintage industrial lamps.

360volt is located on the Prinsengracht, one of the most beautiful canals of Amsterdam, in the celebrated shopping area De 9 Straatjes (‘the 9 streets’). Hilde de Lange and Emile de Cock, owners and founders of 360volt, are graphic and industrial designers by vocation. They both love industrial design for its clean lines, simple shapes and sustainable materials. They created their design studio 360volt in 2006, and now are the proud owners of one of the largest collections of original vintage industrial lamps and other specialist objects.

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