29 feb 2012

28 feb 2012

Miralles/Tagliabue house

I do remeber reading in the ELcroquis about this work. They work together in the interior design of this house in a exercise that consisted in peapling off the walls revealing different layers of wallpapers. Taking down non structural walls and using screens to divide the spaces. Particulary I love the combination of the flooring with parquet and tiles.

seen at dwell

Junya Ishigami

Venice 2008: Japanesse pavillion

His creations are like disolved within their souroundings, whereas it has an strong impact also. This contrasted efects are due to the use of a fragile architecture. Like what Mies did with the Fnasworth House, the principles are the same but taken to the extreme with the nowadays improvement of materials.


26 feb 2012

Self portrait

Jenny Saville

Frida Kahlo

Lucian Freud

Pablo Picaso

I am taking painting classes and one of my ideas was to make a selfportrait. I always loved drawing and painting is a chalange for me. Because of work I do not have the time to draw as I used to but as a new year resolution I wanted to change this and to adquire some painting techniques to start an alterier here at my flat in London. I will share with you soon some of my creations... Before that I want to share with U some artist portraits masterpieces.

24 feb 2012

Picture of the week

Kate is such a babe

23 feb 2012

Restaurant Gastrologik

in Stockholm
by jonaslindvall.com/

Sometimes just the simplicity of the utilitarian objects but with an adecuate material makes a project enriching.

via stylepark

The Research Agency

Cover of the week

21 feb 2012

Louise Gray AW 2012


On Sunday I went for my first fashion show ever. I am a  huge fan from fashion. I have to thank my friend Raph Hirsch who kindly invited me to Louise Gray fashion show. I quite liked the colours and the diferent textures she combined in every look.

Also as a junior blogger I had the chance to sit behind Prince Pelayo, who a well know fashion blogger and gay-male icon. Here I have posted 2 youtube videos. The first one made by me where you can see him filming the second one.

All good images are by Pelayo Diaz
Bad images taken with my iPhone 

fashion by Louise Gray

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