1 feb 2011

Neufert [Critical Journal Ep.16]

I remember a porfesor from my University saying that looking at the Neufert it is a sign of bad architecture... but the truth is, that is a tool that helps you to measure your project and put it on context... And I have to say that in every office I have worked they have a copy of this manual, never say never ever.

Where is the site of my project? Where is it going to be located? As Toyo Ito said, home is going to be a sum of private rooms as family is consider now a sum of individuals that lives together... is it going to disappear the living room? There is not going to be a common space in the houses of the future? I am quite exceptic about Mr Ito statement, but this is already happening. In shared appartaments people spent most of the time in their rooms or even it does exit the typology of no common space... houses as hotels.

From the begining I wanted to realte my project with the systems in which a kitchen is arranged. There are certain rules that you have to follow to let people to be able to make the proccess that involved cooking... talking about proccesses, I want to bring this systemazation to another object of the household.

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