27 nov 2012

Proenza Schoulder flag store

in New York

Lazaro Hernandez & Jack McCollough 

21 nov 2012

Living the Lightness of Not Having a Lot

by Leander Angerer

‘Hama ned z’vui - Drong ma ned z’schwaar’ or the notion of ‘living the lightness of not having a lot’ is the perspective of two distant worlds boiled down in a set of tools to venture into the pathless. Familiar settings, but estranged by de-normalized objects - the ‘space-tools’ intend to offer the participant of the urban reality experiences that at least foster thought and at most create self-awareness, consciousness and have an impact on human behavior  As ‘thinking-spaces’ they aspire to introduce different values and meaning to life in the urban society.

Untitled from Leander Angerer on Vimeo.

Leader studied at Central Saint Martins MA Industrial Design, the same course that I did a year ago. I did not have the chance to go to the private view this year and I missed the chance to see this great project, which relates some how with what I did for my master's thesis. It talks aboutus as individuals and our need to look for isolation from our "noisy" environment where we as modern nomad lives in. 

20 nov 2012

Shinichi Maruyama

... impressive and beautiful at the same time

Erasmus International Scool of Architecture

Final Degree Project
by Javier Subira Ruiz

The Erasmus program has a big question mark at the moment. The politicians that rules the future of Europe are making big mistakes reducing the investment in one of the main pillars of our society... the education. Due to the recent news that they are planing to cancel the Erasmus program I want to share with U this interesting project that is brilliantly represented by Mr Subira Ruiz.

18 nov 2012

Bond Skyfall gifs

all gif images via

but this moment needs to stay still...

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