28 mar 2012

Chico Martini

Una coleción de anuncions que marcaron los 90 y en mi opinión un marketing muy acertado, que hoy ha vuelto a mi mente...

26 mar 2012

Lighting trend

FIN LIGHT is an ode to engineering. Proudly exposing its inner workings, Fin is built of components usually totally hidden from view, including a heat sink, a giant acrylic lens and 6 LEDs. By Tom Dixon

Royal Society of Arts chandeliers made of corian rings that frame the lenses, suspended above the polished brass cradles that each contain eight high-power LEDs. By Troika

Both light sources investigates our perception of the light shapping it and giving it a new dimension that designers can have a look at. It is no longer the shadows projected by the intersection of the light and the shade, but the different tones and shapes of the light itseft.

23 mar 2012

The Blocks

Designed by Studio Toogood to demystify the process of vinification, THE BLOCKS encourages visitors to discover and awaken their palate using sight, touch, smell and taste.

To complete this gastronomic experience, guests will be seated under canopies of illuminated glass grapes on Faye Toogoodʼs iconic ʻSpadeʼ chairs.

Hand-cast from raw aluminium specifically for the event, the ʻSpade Chair / Naked Aluminiumʼ is cold to the touch, reminding guests of their cellar-like experience.

images and text via Dezeen

It is lways interesting the work of Faye which team is formed by my dear close friend Jan Rose in charge of the design and production of most of the furniture used for this space.

22 mar 2012

Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport


in construction 

roof images

I have to admit that I like Zaha Hadid architecture, but sometimes I see that the deployment of resources and advanced techniques in contruction are wasted in the very last minute with a lack of taste and being very bold with finishes and details. I think it would look much better if they step back. For example would not be nice to have built the Glasgow Museum of Transport as an unfinished warehouse...

Recently I read an article by the prestigious Lebbeus Woods that expressed his admiration to Zaha architecture, although he is seeing how as many big international studios. It seems like the quality and esence of the originality of Hadid's ideas have been contaminated and infected by the forms generated by the computer.

... one the most gifted architects of my time has been reduced to wrapping such conventional programs of use in merely expressionistic forms, without letting a single ray of her genius illuminate the human condition. Am I being pretentious and overly demanding? Of course. But that’s the way disappointed lovers behave. Exaggerated emotions. Absurd demands. Anger that transgresses all reason. She has let me down, and what makes it worse is that she apparently couldn’t care less. Lebbeus Woods

read the rest of the article here


21 mar 2012

Goldstein House

by John Lautner

An icon by the golden god of modern architecture, perhaps the most beautiful piece of modern architecture in California, John Lautner's Goldstein Residence. The house is owned by the uniquely flamboyant James Goldstein who is gifted with an impeccable taste in architecture, fashion and women.

James Goldstein, an avid art collector, even added his own skyspace by James Turrell, also called "Above Horizon", an art installation located on a steep slope below the residence.

via moderndesigninterior.com

20 mar 2012

Urban Stargazing

Over time, society has developed a complex rhythm that demands we live in an environment artificially lit twenty-four hours a day preventing us from experiencing the natural lights coming from billions of light years away, shining and twinkling as soon as the Sun sets to the west.

The Urban Stargazing project focuses on bringing back the stars in the city sky by recreating existing constellations and adding new ones, narrating old and contemporary myths about London. Twelve groups of stars have been installed at different locations in the city, and can only be observed by the naked eye at night time.

The map is showing each constellation with their corresponding coordinates. To go on a stargazing walk, enter the latitude/longitude of any constellation on a web mapping application.

Graphic design by Stina Gromark
For more projects visit www.oscarlhermitte.com

Rainbow Panorama

by Olafur Eliasson

The permanent elevated structure provides a 360º view of the city of århus, denmark. suspended between the city and the sky, the viewing platform insists on the sensory engagement of those who enter it. 

The continuously circular pathway sits on top of and proportionality compliments the ARoS museum of art, designed by schmidt hammer lassen in 2007. measuring 150 meters around, the transparent glass unit is designed to act as a visual compass for the city, its colors marking the physical location of each visitor.  

Representing every color in the spectrum, the design looks to enter into a cohesive dialogue between the exiting architecture and the surrounding city. virtually erasing the boundaries between indoors and out, the encompassing environment aims to question the comfortable limits for which people are accustomed to moving. 

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