27 jun 2012

Piet Hein Eek

Viaje a Turquía / Trip to Turkey

Looking through the window of the airplane

This is is the first post of a series in which I am going to post as a diary my trip to Turkey. An amazing country which I have had the pleasure to travel across during 2 weeks. Soon the first stop, Istambul the city of the Islam.

Esta es la primera entrada a modo de introducción de una serie de post en los que voy a compartir con vosotros mi viaje a Turquía durante 2 semanas a principios del mes de Junio. 

24 jun 2012

22 jun 2012

Mawi London

A while ago I posted about Pelayo and his looks. A coincidende or not most of the ones I liked are when he combined causal wear with jewellery. The beautiful neckless he was wearing are from Mawi London. It is really amazing how she uses "bulgar" look a like materials to create quite amazing pieces with punk, retro, art deco inspiration.

20 jun 2012

19 jun 2012

mr. div's gifs

Are you happy to just experiment – and blog the results – or do you see these pieces as part of something potentially bigger in your work? Is there something you'd like to do in the future that might involve using animated gifs?

One of my goals with these gifs is to create a sort of visual language that could potentially branch out into other mediums. Even though the gifs don't interact with each other, I like to think they all sort of exist in the same dreamlike alternate universe. I definitely want to explore this universe more, whether that be in the form of more long-form animations, or in an interactive setting like a video game. For now though, I'm happy to keep experimenting and see where these gifs take me.

all images/gifs by Matthew DiVito, view more on his blog mr.Div
interview via Creative Review

17 jun 2012

Male obsession number 12

Xabi Alonso

Por muy muchas razones es la imagen de la nueva fragancia de Hugo Boss, Success Beyond The Game.

Siempre llevaremos a Xabi en nuestro corazón y nunca olvidaremos esa patada que nos dejó a todos sin respiración.

Cloud Insitu

Vivir en Londres es lo que tiene, o aprecias la belleza de un cielo nublado o te deprimes...

At the end living in London has made me appreciate a cloudy sky...

Raphael Hirsch


15 jun 2012

The Melnikov House

all images by Igor Palmin

Henry Cavill

shirtless forever

The only reason that worth watching Inmortals is to see the results from Henry's hard training to evolve from an average to a hollywood blockbuster body...

... and after an extra work out he has become the hulk look a like man of steel for the new Superman movie.

more images at cavillforever.tumblr.com

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