28 nov 2009

1000 kisses by Ruben Afanador

check Mil Besos book in Homotography, this was an exhibition that was held a year ago in the streets of Seville

26 nov 2009

KG quotes

Last Thursday after one night without sleeping because of my final critique of my shoplifting project I went to the Serpentine Dialogues with Konstantin Gric and Alice Rawsthom. He was presenting the new exhibition he has organized called Design Real in the Serpentine Gallery of London. (Please don't hesitate to check oute the web they have developed for the exhibition which is really interesting)

Here I will write down some of the quotes he said:
"Design are many things that live in pharallel"
"The car is the championship of design"
"Product thinking could be also an extravaganza"... "There are many things that try to be moral"... "Just beautiful, just this purpose is the expresion of an individual in society"
"Are the principies of the XX century relevant today?", "Now is more broad, Modernisim build ideas on tools and on what they had, nowadays rather than projection we think about today, about the reality of our world"
"The quality of design is something specific and related with the context (when, where, who)"
"Style is a process, a way of working, is not abput formality"
"The pleasure id the romance I have with this objects..."

25 nov 2009

Cristopher Dresser


He had the ability to indestand the properties of materials and the processes of production and to adapt his designs and ideas on aesthetics to them. Some of his tableware projescta are still in production at Alessi.

21 nov 2009

My little space to share things with u

This is my window to the world... to U

Best way to sell clothes...

... is to take them off

19 nov 2009

I don't like Robert...

... but I like this picture

16 nov 2009

From a Sculpture a Building

with the colaboration of my dear friend Jose Antonio Pavón Gonzalez
, inspired by Pablo Palazuelo's sculpture we create this trnasport interchange building next to Santa Justa Station in Seville

Chairs XXs

Thomet, B3

Chaise Longe Le Corbusier

Barcelona Chair

Charles Eames

Tom Dixon,chicken chair



Putney Place

London's Wandsworth Council has refused planning permission to Will Alsop's Putney Place design, justifying the decision because the towers would "loom large" over what is an area with modest height.
The Mayor of London's office has also made it clear they won't back the scheme, perhaps the clearest example yet of Boris Johnson not wanting tall buildings in the Tory suburbs of London.

Read the rest of the article in skyscrapernews.com

New sponsored by a casual search on the net of one of my desire objects Alesi Daytimer by Will Alsop and Federico Grazzini.


True to form, Zaha Hadid's long-awaited MAXXI museum in Rome is bold, demanding and provocative, says Rowan Moore.

It is clearly intended to send a message that Rome's spectacular history of architecture is not over.

It is something you can not comprehend in one go, that has to be unravelled trough walking around.

The interior makes individual experience and shared spectacle out of the flow of people through the building.

The numbers: start on site 2003/ contract duration of 9 years / gross internal floor area 30 000m2 / Total cost 150 million euros / cost per m2 5000 euros

images via dezzen and google (as always)
quotes by AJ magazine

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