12 feb 2015

I see Fashion Everywhere

a very cool blog for fashion lovers...

11 feb 2015

Joseph Dirand

It has been a while since I post anything. The main reason why it is because the purpose of the blog it is obsolete as Pinterest it is now my image reference storage and inspiration. Plus I have not had done that much research for the last year. 

While I am in the process of transition to a new blog format in which I am going to write more about my ideas about architecture and design, I am going to try to compile a series of entries with my references used for the past year or so...

A while ago I shared on my Twitter account a Joseph Dirand interview for the New York Times. He shows his amazing apartment in Paris. Somehow it condensed his style and approach to design. I consider mr Dirand work one of the most relevant interior designers and architects of the moment. His work condense a a-temporary, universal, European approach to design that distance from the Scandinavian trend we have been having for the past 10 years. A more grow up minimalist style that combines rich materials, with vintage classic designs. All his projects are a useful reference and inspiration for any of the projects I have work for the past year.

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