31 ene 2014

30 ene 2014

Bad Panda

Never say no to a Panda

24 ene 2014

Andrew Salgado studio visit

Last Saturday morning I woke up earlier to have the great opportunity of visiting one of my favorite artists studio. Andrew Salgado works and lives at Shoreditch, London. His studio is no bigger than a normal size living room with white walls, just one window and cardboard all over the floor to protect it from the paint that is everywhere. He has a corner with paints and pictures that inspires him. A low cabinet seats underneath the window full of books, sketch books, speakers and his laptop. And on the other side of the room there is a table literally full of a mess of paints and brushes, that he probably tried to tidy up that morning without any luck. We could have a chat with Andrew in person and heard from his mouth his inspiration, his process working, technique and some of the theory behind his pictures. We were treated as real VIP fans of his work with coffee and breakfast. He was such a charming host and I have to admit a really attractive man.

Andrew self portrait


23 ene 2014

Erin O’Keefe: The Flatness

“explores the tendency of the camera to flatten pictorial space, and as a result, foster ambiguous spatial readings…There is a fertile tension between the compressed space of the image and the visual clues that allude to the dimensionality of the still-life. The camera is the agent of uncertainty that invites seeing as both an intimate and critical exercise.”
via itsnicethat.com

Imaginarium at Seldfridges

by OMA

See the program for the different events HERE

22 ene 2014

Hoi Polloi

I have referenced twice already this project this month. I went for a lovely dinner a while ago and the space is very well done. The design is by UniversaldesignstudioHoi Polloi is the restaurant at the Ace Hotel Shoreditch London.

Derry & Toms Rainbow Room

From David Bowie partying favorite place in the 70s to a luxury american gym chain. This what had happened with the abandoned Biba Rainbow Room (read the full article here)

Nowadays, the sentence "men in sana, in corpore sano" is balanced towards the "sana" part of it. Living in a big city like London tells you the money monthly spend by people on their health. It is a big business with a growing market. Celebrities are opening their on gym chains like Madonna. The cult for the body it is everywhere, becoming almost obsession itself.

Of course I am going to the gym after work ;P

17 ene 2014

Eclectic Restaurant

I am so proud to share with U the latest project that I did working at Tom Dixon, Design Research Studio. With this project we tried to bring as much as architectural elements as possible to the space. Inspired by the architecture from Lecorbusier and the British brutalisim from which Tom is so fan about. Two concrete boxes are stick onto the space: one as the main entrance and the second as a private dining are. Following the brand feature of working with brass an over 10 meters long brass wall with an hexagonal shape, that is the theme and concept of the space which originally was supposed to be called Le Modulor.

The new Eclectic restaurant by Tom Dixon opened its doors in Paris this month. Fabienne and Philippe Amzalak, the duo behind many great names of Parisian restoration including Le bon and Ma Cocotte, asked the designer's Design Research Studio to create cosy and vibrant interiors. Eclectic thus mixes British eccentricity with Parisian chic in a tribute to the exuberant 1970s. Concrete and gold brass are warmed up with thick rugs, and the huge central chandelier dominates the room with its 124 metallic shades.

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