31 may 2010

Beatriz Pavón

Beatriz Pavon +

Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2010 (part 1)

Parcs by PearsonLloyd

What looks like a homey interior is the cubical of the future. Creativity and productivity within team work need new enviroment in offices where people spend most of their day. This varied working and communication landscape, with references to Malinesse togunas and American dinners, offers many opportunities to brainstorm or socialise.

By Thomas Geisler

Hope Chandelier by Francisco Gomez Paz and Paolo Rizzatto

Light and easy to assemble, this project reinterprets the typology of chandelier with sophisticated technologies and contemporary materials. A series of polycarbonate Fresnel lenses, created using imprinted microprims on polycarbonate film to achieve a dioptric effect similar to glass, multiply the light from the light source (...)

By Francesca Picchi

Extrusions by Heatherwick Studio

Thomas Heatherwick's relentless innovation has always made his work always stand out (...) While the benches might please a few of the collectors, for the rest of us it is how the aluminium extrusion technology might be used to create architectural cladding or mass seating that really matters.

By Caroline Roux

Sexy Geek

Alex Turvey is a designer and illustrator who has become famous because he is the mind behind the installation at the entrance of the new Levi's Store in Regent Street. Also he was the model for the main campaign of the brand.

Looking at the campaign and searching through the internet recent photoshoots for mags and celebrities we can tell that this is a new tendence. What before would be the one who makes laugh everyone in class, it is now fashion... people wear facke glasses even without the glass as a new accessorie.

Sean Sullivan photoshoot

Justin Timberlake

Tom Ford spectacles add

29 may 2010


“The Connections, the connections, the connections” by Charles Eames

Keep it simple and easily re-settable. With these two premises in my mind I wanted to add something related with my country or cultural background. I was attracted by the images of windmills. Ancient structures with ethnographic and cultural references which are universal due to El Quijote. At first it was an easy one-way spin trigger but then I made it more complex with 3 levels of connected movements and with nylon threats in order to slow down the movement.

Even though it was a small project, it reveals me an important lesson about design in general: there are many factors in the process of thinking and making that we cannot control. As designers we have to be one step forward and be able to react quickly with the best possible option.

Communication has been a key point during the whole year and in this project it was essential and the most difficult part of it. I was used to deal with other people but cultural issues has been tough. On the top of that working with people from other countries has been the most enriching experience of this whole year.

This week we did the final assessment for the first year course in MAID... it has been almost a year already, I can't believe it...

Samata's Boy Toy


Noha Mills

25 may 2010

Capsule Hotel

Capsule Hotel - 9 Hours from Christoph on Vimeo.

visto en Kirai

Sede Fundación Arquitectura Contemporánea

(Alvaro Siza en esta imagen es toda una revelación, nos quiere decir algo?)

Pepe Morales (MGM), gana de nuevo

22 may 2010

RE_FRESH (Unit One Final Project)

Comments (from the members of the assessment team: Stephen Hayward, Liz Wright, Tricia Austin, Caroline Till and ben Hughes)

Some evidence of research into the topic with subjects responding to the issue.
Good use of format and humour.
Consistently applied format. Good presentation.
Did this project challnece or reinforce the stereotypes of aging?
Is this a placebo or a real proposal?
The shopping channel style suggest simething fake rather than a real product. Is this the case?

21 may 2010

Patent from Apple

Sooner or later the Tom-Spilberg movie will come true and it is going to be a Mac for sure

Cover of the Week

17 may 2010

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