3 may 2010

mr Hector Serrano quotes

"Design recipes"
"Make things more familiar"
"Take objects and put them in different contexts"
"How digital technology affects the objects and sutainability"
"3D printers will question the value of objects. Designing objects will be like a service"
"The importance of the context"
"Rethink archetypes. The importance of recognice the object nevertheless it is placed in a new context"
"Manipulate behaviours to create new objects"
"Buying experiences more than products"

Roca Jump the Wap

I felt last week as if I was washing a legend of the design... and he is on his 30s. But you can see that there is so much talent around him. Talking with an english with a strong spanish acent he explained with no much detail, but with a lot of passion, how he designs... and in between each part of the lecture personal photos of his family and friends as part of his natural approach to design...

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