30 sept 2010

Maarten Bass quotes

"I don't have a definition of design. By defining things, things are paced in a category. This is exactly what I try to avoid in my work. I want to open up fixed boundaries. As I said, I believe in a kind of organic way of seeing things, like a super-soup in which everything is moving"

"Certain non-sense designs are being made, but often with a kind of sauce over it in order to make it more acceptable for the interior. Most designs have an starting point which doesn't have anything to do with necessity (...) The suggestion that Form Follows Function is then, for me, a kind of design myth, which I think is outdated." (...) " In nature craziest things are happening when there are plenty of resources. Birds of Paradise (...) they do not need to suffer for food, they make beautiful nest, have crazy feathers... form follows function-animals in colder countries. They can enjoy the possibilities, like we can in design world. So... why do tables only have 4 legs instead of 7 or 23?

"Form Follows Function" it is a outdated myth to make things as cheap as possible"

"Often design is defined like "industrial design", but it is not necessary the only interpretation"

" Once it is used, is design. (...) What is would happen if you use a Mondrian paint as a serving tray, or you hang a serving tray ina wall, and never use it?"

What is the future of design?
" I hope a more steady and developed appreciation of good work, in which quality will be measured by the actual quality rather than by the hype or investment value of certain pieces. Today there seemsto be a certain unbalance, which it is moving in a good direction. Apart form that, design can occupy an unique position between a lot of disciplines. Overlapping high and low, left and right, black and white, unique and masses, male and female, art, furniture, theatre,music, dance, performance. I enjoy the indefinable character that is possible in a kind of haphazard harmony."

The Surreal House (pt. one)

Surrealism is not a new or easier means of expresion, nor is it a metaphysic of poetry; it is a means toward the toatl liberation of the mind and of everything that resembles it (...)

Surrealist Declaration of January, 1925

For our house is the corner of our world. As has often been said, it is our first universe, a real cosmos in every sense of the world.

Gaston Bacheland, The poetics of Space

To live is to pass from one space to another, while doing your very best not to bump yourself.

The house is made up of object and space, contairer and contained, inside and out.

What make a space habitable? is the people inside... the things that we bring into it? Their traces of flows... Door and window are drawn as esential elements which allows this to happen... the rest is the objects as a prolongation of our self and essential components to bring life to an empty room... what makes me think in all these past years talking about space and how to be able to create habitats... well projected spaces without the habitare of the human being, it is not habitable... is in this case essential the work of industrial design and the project of objects.

Nicholas Lemons

by Christos Karantzolas

29 sept 2010


Danish Pavillion for the EXPO 2010, after the UK one is my favorite... with a magistral structure and a perfect silouete...

... Although I have to admit that this YES IS MORE type of architecture is one than I am not BIG fan off but I discovered yesterday that Bjarke Ingels (BIG) has asociated with: Lars Holme Larsen (Kilo design) and Jens Martin Skibsted (Skibsted Ideation).

All together: Ki + Bi + Si = KiBiSi

KiBiSi merges the faculties of its founders into a symbiotic hybrid of design, architecture and ideation: The production know-how and design sensibility of Kilo Design – the big ideas and large scale perspective of BIG architects - and the idea driven innovation and brand awareness of Skibsted Ideation.

Ideas and products are intrinsically tied. We believe the product should be the carrier of its brand idea rather than some designer's form and formula. In the fertile overlap between Design, Architecture and Ideation KiBiSi seeks to spawn a new breed of idea driven design.

This is another example of multidisciplinary offices where DESIGN is the only and important word...

This a MUST lecture:

KiBiSi – What happens when design, architecture and ideation collide.

The design super-group, KiBiSi merges the production know-how and design sensibility of Kilo Design – the big ideas and large-scale perspective of BIG architects – and the idea driven innovation and brand awareness of Skibsted Ideation.

The three founders, Bjarke Ingels, Lars Holme and Jens Martin fly in from Copenhagen to discuss how this unique collaboration of three very different disciplines has evolved including tales of hedonistic sustainability, urban mobility and Darwinian design evolution.

Tuesday 5 October

7pm – 8.30pm

Logan Hall, Institute of Education, Bedford Way, London, WC1H 0AL

Tube: Russell Square

My Mooi

this is the show room of MOOI at the White Building in London (where Tom Dixon office is based)... it is hard for me to choose something that really interest me... we have to be open to new concepts and forms of expresion thouhgh.

28 sept 2010

Photo of the week

Naomi, 25 years of truly beauty
by mert alas & marcus piggott

25 sept 2010


Maarten Baas conquers the World of Design with a collection of burnt furniture, better known as “Smoke”. Armchairs, chandeliers, chests of drawers ecc. have been treated with epoxy and then put on fire. The result on their shapes and the black colour due to flames arouses on 2003 at the Salone del Mobile in Milan an incredible and enormous succes. During this occasion, the Newyorker gallerist Murray Moss gives him the task of “smoking” the furniture of Rietveld, Sottsas and Noguchi, and this chance allows him to take part in all the most relevant Design environments of the whole world. Therefore his creations are exhibited in Tokyo, inside the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, in New York in the Murray Moss Gallery, and of course in Holland, inside the Groninger Museum and in the Stedelijke Museum in Amsterdam.

like it or not is design history already!

19 sept 2010

Zachary Eaxtwood-Bloom

FLKS Furniture

Despite of the chair is confortable or not, the table is big enough or if the disposition of everything is convenient or not for each person desires... it is very interesting the concep of all in one... one piece of furniture to play wirh and to habitat an space

16 sept 2010

San Blas, Usera and Villaverde

Architectural photographer Roland Halbe has sent us his photos of three health centres in Madrid by Spanish architects Estudio Entresitio, all with identical floor plans but executed in different materials.

visto en Dezeen

12 sept 2010

Creative Light

The Dark Side of Light
Ivan Navarro’s Emotionally Charged Minimalism

Ivan Navarro is one of the most important young contemporary Chilean artists. He is known for his sculptures made of fluorescent tubes that politically undermine the Minimalist style. Works by the artist are currently on view in the exhibition "Beuys and Beyond – Teaching as Art" currently touring Latin America. Oliver Koerner von Gustorf talked with Ivan Navarro in his New York studio.

Read the rest of the article HERE

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