30 sept 2010

The Surreal House (pt. one)

Surrealism is not a new or easier means of expresion, nor is it a metaphysic of poetry; it is a means toward the toatl liberation of the mind and of everything that resembles it (...)

Surrealist Declaration of January, 1925

For our house is the corner of our world. As has often been said, it is our first universe, a real cosmos in every sense of the world.

Gaston Bacheland, The poetics of Space

To live is to pass from one space to another, while doing your very best not to bump yourself.

The house is made up of object and space, contairer and contained, inside and out.

What make a space habitable? is the people inside... the things that we bring into it? Their traces of flows... Door and window are drawn as esential elements which allows this to happen... the rest is the objects as a prolongation of our self and essential components to bring life to an empty room... what makes me think in all these past years talking about space and how to be able to create habitats... well projected spaces without the habitare of the human being, it is not habitable... is in this case essential the work of industrial design and the project of objects.

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