30 sept 2010

Maarten Bass quotes

"I don't have a definition of design. By defining things, things are paced in a category. This is exactly what I try to avoid in my work. I want to open up fixed boundaries. As I said, I believe in a kind of organic way of seeing things, like a super-soup in which everything is moving"

"Certain non-sense designs are being made, but often with a kind of sauce over it in order to make it more acceptable for the interior. Most designs have an starting point which doesn't have anything to do with necessity (...) The suggestion that Form Follows Function is then, for me, a kind of design myth, which I think is outdated." (...) " In nature craziest things are happening when there are plenty of resources. Birds of Paradise (...) they do not need to suffer for food, they make beautiful nest, have crazy feathers... form follows function-animals in colder countries. They can enjoy the possibilities, like we can in design world. So... why do tables only have 4 legs instead of 7 or 23?

"Form Follows Function" it is a outdated myth to make things as cheap as possible"

"Often design is defined like "industrial design", but it is not necessary the only interpretation"

" Once it is used, is design. (...) What is would happen if you use a Mondrian paint as a serving tray, or you hang a serving tray ina wall, and never use it?"

What is the future of design?
" I hope a more steady and developed appreciation of good work, in which quality will be measured by the actual quality rather than by the hype or investment value of certain pieces. Today there seemsto be a certain unbalance, which it is moving in a good direction. Apart form that, design can occupy an unique position between a lot of disciplines. Overlapping high and low, left and right, black and white, unique and masses, male and female, art, furniture, theatre,music, dance, performance. I enjoy the indefinable character that is possible in a kind of haphazard harmony."

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Ocnebius dijo...

Muchas felicidades, jomío!
Que sepas que tienes un minipremio bloguero de estos onanistas y pagados de sí mismos en mi blog. No me convencen estas cosas, pero tendré que luchar contra la sociopatía que me invade.

Unknown dijo...

Nice blog! I follow you now!

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