20 mar 2014

Fervital / Antolini Stone Gallery

by Paritzki & Liani architects

Restart Milano

The Collins Bar

by Woods Bagot

Interiors wise there is nothing really exciting about this restaurant/bar more than the lighting feature piece on the ceiling that is like a gold scar that we do not know really what does respond to... Detail that they try to replicate on the door handle making it even more complicated... I want to share it with you just beacause

Lucas Clayton

The Alchemist's Dressing Table

by Lauren Davies

17 mar 2014

Kitty Kraus

Mirrored Cube, 2007

12 mar 2014

Reid Worthington

CrossFit Athlete

He will be modeling for the new project by Thomas Knights featuring red head athletes

Political Leaders Drags

georgia buchette

vladdy pushin’

baricka o’bisha

kimmy jungle

madame o’ sane

hitleria hysteria

ossie b’

queen abby

James Bacchi Andreoli

11 mar 2014

Gemma Tickle

pop set design

I am obsessed with a good combo of colours... I still do not understand why we are not surrounded by splash of bright colours that will bring more happiness to our lives

Dior Couture Set Design

by Bureau Betak

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