1 mar. 2018

Massimo Uberti

Or how the minimal definition of space can be so domestic.

23 oct. 2017

Male Obsession number doce

Matt Rodwell, crossfit athlete and male model. Follow him on his Instagram

24 ago. 2017

Oddsson Design Hostel

by Dodlur

It is hard to define the style of this interior.... Is it a revisit of the interiors from the 70s? It is so minimal that looks unfinished, but that is what I like about it. It also has and LA/Miami vibe despite being located in Reykjavik. This project is the perfect example that good interior design sometimes can be just a nice selection of furniture with strong personality with a muted/vanilla background. 

16 ago. 2017

10 ago. 2017

Sans Pere by Atelier Baulier

Big congratulations to Aurore Baulier (friend and ex-colleague of mine) on this beautiful interior project in the heart of Shoreditch.

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