28 abr 2020

Working From Home: Buying a Desk

Most of our homes have to be addapted to this new situation in which we have to work from home. If the previous post helped you to decide where to locate your new working station, now I am going to help you to decide on what to buy to set up your home office, starting by the desk.

Recently I have to go through the process myself and I am going to list all the options I considered.

The Orson Compact Desk by Mathew Hilton. This is a quite robust design that as it name states it is very compact with the only porpuse to fit in in the living room of our homes. What I like about this design is that it has a lot of compartimens allowing you to keep your work station tidy. It is an elegant design that does not stand out so it fits perfectly with any style. On the negative side it is an expensive piece of furniture but a good investment for the future.

Calamo Desk by Gabriele Rosa. If you are a fan from Italian Design this is your desk. Very elegant and minimal furniture piece that almost looks like a console and not a desk. Its main adjvantage is that its minimal proportions makes it very easy to locate in any place of our home. However, its price might not be a match for you if you are looking for something more economic.

Stockholm desk by Mario Ruiz. If you are looking for a piece of furniture that is less conventional but still very practical, this is your option. What I like about it is the idea that when is not used it does not read like a desk.

Georg Desk by Skagerak. For those who are fan of the scandinavia style and they do really have a lack of space, this is your choice. The desk rest in just two legs and it is cantiliever from the wall. As an extra you can buy a drawer to use as storage. It is price as it is size it is not much.

CPH90 Copenhague desk by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, this is another cheap option that comes in many different finishes options. It is as well a very robust design made in very durable materials. Dimensions are the minimum required for a work station in any office 1300mm by 650mm.

If all these options are too expensive or you are looking for a more temporary option that is afordable, IKEA has some interesting options for you. Personaly I went for the option of making my on easel table as I needed a long table to suit two people sittinng together. With two black tresles and a 2m long white table top

Another option I considered was the easel desk by Wellindal. It comes with a glass top, which will help to make your room look bigger as it will disepear in the space. A more up lifted option from the traditional workshop table.

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