24 feb 2014

Metropolitan Wharf

interiors by Design Research Studio

I was lucky enough to assist on the styling and photo-shoot at the iconic eight storey grade II listed Victorian riverside warehouse building with interiors that feature iconic designs by Tom Dixon

More images HERE

17 feb 2014

13 feb 2014

Martin Creed’s Work No 1059


This is a visionary and utopian work of art. An exhibition at the Fruitmarket last year, filling the gap created by the public work's delay, irritatingly made Creed look like an artist obsessed with numbers and clever-clever plays on pattern. In reality, he is a social artist; the true magic of his work lies in the way it interacts with people and places. Here, he has given a gift of imagination to the city. Why should public spaces be shoddy, uncared for, mean? The Scotsman Steps in their new marble incarnation accuse every compromised civic scheme. Here is a set of steps lots of people use every day, going to work, or coming back from the pub. Why not make that climb a moment of beauty?

read the rest of the artice at The Guardian
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