28 sept 2012

Michelin Restaurant

by Josep Ferrando

Next to a building like el Mercado de Santa Caterina by Miralles (EMBT) the last think you can do is compete with it but to get inspired by it shapes, space and graphics... better keep it black and white

Andrew Salgado

"The truth is, at my core I feel more like an abstract artist than a figurative artist; I avoid adhering too closely or exclusively to any term because I believe it whittles what I do to something one-dimensional, didactic, in the sense that I’ve always felt it too superficial to simply aim for likeness in representation. In this regard, it’s important for me to question the nature of the painted image, the figure, and also those concepts not-so-visibly evidenced such as masculinity, sexuality, and identity. I suppose that the way I go about drawing attention to this is by loosening the grip on accuracy of representation; I want the viewer to be very aware that they are looking at a reconstruction – a mark of paint might vaguely (or not so vaguely) represent an eye, or the tip of a nose, but it also exists purely as a mark of paint, nothing else and nothing more. It is this duality of forms that I believe allows me (and hopefully the viewer) to question the painted image. In the act of questioning that, I think the entire figurative form becomes questioned. For me, the fact that I don’t implicitly ‘buy in’ to the image on the canvas, and am concerned about its (de)construction, prevents the work from becoming too solipsistic, self-indulgent, or banal. I like to keep things uncertain: the form, the concept, the figure itself…this is the only way that my viewer is going to approach my work with an open mind and leave the work with their own conclusions."

He works in London has completed a number of new works in advance of his second solo show, The Misanthrope, which opens at Beers.Lambert on October 11, 2012.

27 sept 2012

26 sept 2012

Another, Victoria Beckham

in 1992

The post that will make us love even more Victoria Beckham

Samedam House

by Mierta & Kurt Architects

This is a jaw drop project not because of his form, composition or structural innovation, but its impressive construction facade finish detail. 

Different layers of concrete done with different timing and agregates mimicking the layers of natural stone, like a cut out of the profile from a mountain showing the different extracts. Beautiful and impressive.

Sagrada Familia

featured by Moment Factory

... someone told me the other day that La Sagrada Familia is the most impressive cathedral in the world

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