31 mar 2013

Cold living

This living space is an interesting typology in which the space is divided by a huge stainless steel "sculpture". The client wanted to explore how to live in a gallery. 

It is so hard to imagine that someone will live comfortably here. We are missing all those meaningful objects that create the concept of home and soft materials like textiles that will warm up the room.

27 mar 2013

Mass Coat & Book Stands

Mass Coat Stand and Book Stand are two huge chunks of heavyweight, metallic minimalism. These two pieces of over scaled furniture are brass-clad which will gradually build a natural patina over time like a prized bronze statue.

They’re so different from anything we’ve seen Dixon show lately that they almost beg the question as to what new wunderkind he’s brought on staff, but either way, they’re a win. Someone with good taste, a huge budget, and high ceilings is about to make us very jealous.

I can say that I know wunderkind designer whose amazing talent has created this amazing pieces that are somewhere between art and design. Well done S-L.

Register online here to see the complete new collection at MOST (9-14 April 2013)

26 mar 2013

Hunsett Mill

by acme 

Scooped the Royal Institute of British Architects’ (RIBA) prestigious Manser Medal 2010 for the best new house or major extension. 
The project perfectly fits with the existing building and by mimicking the roof grows like an accordion. 

The building is used as a weekend/holiday home. This allows the interiors to continue the inventiveness and drama of the exterior forms without too many domestic constraints. Internally the structural timber slab is open to the rooms but further changes of angle are added to create a series of interesting spaces, with the first floor walkway to the bedrooms particularly special.

9 mar 2013

River Viiperi

River es uno de los modelos españoles más internacionales y además es el novio de Paris Hilton. Posiblemente la rica ya no heredera (o si?) del imperio Hilton se haya prendado del desparpajo de mr Viiperi. Durará mucho esta relación, puede ser que si de lo poco mediatica que está siendo y para Paris posiblemente haya sido su mejor conquista.

7 mar 2013

Raphael Hefti

Raphael Hefti's experiments push industrial processes and materials to the max – and take us back to a time when people mistook science for magic. His work includes fashioning steel pipes that shatter like glass, and pyrotechnic daredevilry where entire mountain landscapes are illuminated by magnesium flares sent soaring into the sky at 3,000C. In spite of such god-like exploits, the young Swiss artist is less a would-be Dr Frankenstein than a champion of the overlooked.

full article at guardian.co.uk/

Paris New York

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