27 nov 2013

Maxime Büchi

The tattoos from a tattoo artist

full article and images at http://stylelikeu.com/

19 nov 2013


Los collares están todos realizados con trapillo, siguiendo diferentes modelos, pero cada uno de ellos es único. Los tejidos se seleccionan detenidamente, buscando combinaciones especiales. Para cada tipo de ocasión hay un collar que seguro que te combina perfectamente. 

Preciosos los collares de mi amiga Mayi, el perfecto regalo para estas fechas!

12 nov 2013

Eero Saarinen TWA Flight Center

It is unbelievable that this airport terminal in New York, opened in 1962. Considered nowadays a National registered Historic Place, leaves in evidence some of the architecture produced by our contemporary super star architects. Saarinen asked the client to postpone the opening one year because the design had to be refined. Reason why the TWA is a master piece of architecture, that reflects Eero maximum design expression.

Erwin Blumenfeld

5 nov 2013

OMA Les Halles Competition

This project has always been a reference for me. I love how OMA shake things and put them upside down when they approach the brief for a competition.

The new Le Halles it is scheduled to open in 2016 with a design by the french architect Patrick Berger, who is going to build a questionable big canopy that will take in a forum that has been defined as the new heart of Paris.

Earthquake 5.9

by Patricia Urquiola
for Budri

Raymon Loewy

Steam S1 Duplex

DF2000 valet
DF2000 cabinet

Today Google doodle celebrates the 120 anniversary of the man know for designing the bottle of Coca-Cola.

3 nov 2013

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