26 abr 2011

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Being back home it is being weird... despitethe climate change that has brought all the rain, the cold which has ruin my holidays... I am having a strange feeling of not belonging anymore to this place...

Studio Wet

Perez Pichardo House, Santiponce

Housing in Guadix

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25 abr 2011

Metropol Parasol

Image of the Metropol Parasol from the top of the San Luis Church

24 abr 2011

Iglesia de San Luis

A principios de Semana tuve la suerte de visitar la obra de restauración de la Iglesia de San Luis que está siendo llevada a cabo por el arquitecto Fernando Mendoza.

At the begiging of this week I was lucky enough to be able to visit the restoration of the San Luis Church in San Luis Street Sevilla, by the architect Fernando Mendoza.

23 abr 2011


The Milan Breakfasts / Design Matters! from Premsela, Dutch Platform for Des on Vimeo.

Milan has been a great academic experience. It has not inspired me that much, but it has opened my eyes into the bussiness of design itself. Now I can understand why its evolution into design art... probably is because of the costumers and the people that supports design, at the end are the same ones that buy pieces of art...

My last visit was in a rush to the Design Academy
Eindovhen stand. It was vox popully that was one of the best things from Milan this year. Great space with a variety of projects that reflect the spirit of the College.

From here I want to express my dissapointment with my College: Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. It had only one official representative in Milan this year... Textile Futures that went on their own without any economic support. It is sad that the effort of students and profesors do not receive an offical recognition and official support from CSM.

It was really sad to see that half of the space of one of the Ventrura Lambrate buildings was ocupied by RCA, with projects that has been shown for many years and that still are fresh and innovative. We do have the same thing at CSM. Why our College does not promote the success of their students? Milan is a perfect opportunity to show to the world what is CSM about but what is more important to help students to start developing a professional network.

Little by little the dreammed of studying at Central Saint Martins is being broken by one dissapointment followed by other. Shame.

Dirk Vander Kooij

Last year I had to make a project about Rapid Prototyping. The idea was thinking about future manufactures and see it adaptation for the market. My idea was adapting the 3D printing to the war games where the players will be able to customize the toy and print it in the shop.

(if you want to see the project visit my website http://q2xro.com/ under the label industrial design/Games Workshop 3.0)

Seeing the work of Dirk Vander Kooij live was pretty impresive. You can tell how far you can push the technology and bring back the production to a more local scale.
Brilliant project!
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