3 abr 2011

Design Work

Picture of the submission day, table display

Last 30 of March I had to submit the design work in which I will be examined in June. It is the third part (1/3) of the work I have to present in order to pass the master.

It has been an intensive month. I am quite happy with the result but in 25 days I will go back to spain to start working on the 1:1 scale prototype for the V&A Showcase and for my CSM/MAID graduation show.

After working on this project I can say that I am a perfectionist. Doing a 1:4 scale model has taken me almost the same amount of time and effort as some of my colleagues doing a full size prototype, what proves that the size does not matter.

You can see more pictures on the MAID


The aim of this project is to address the imbalance and reposition our selves towards technology, reasserting balance by respecting boundaries.

What will be the house of the future and influence of technology (social networking)? In this utopian celebration of the speed of techno-evolution, is it going to be a prescript need to slow down?

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