4 abr 2011

Michael Allen

for Studio 805
by Andy Houghton

Last month I posted how lucky I am that at my gym is going a man who possed for Mariano Vivanco. I though it was casual but Mr Allen is a proper male model. Here is an interview that he did for Ponystep:

Cozette McCreery: Hi Michael, firstly I have to point out that, at the time of interview, I have only seen a torso shot of you. Richard Mortimer is being a bit coy on your behalf...
Michael Allen: On my behalf? How very kind! There’s surely no need. (...)
CM: Had you modeled before?
MA: Erm, no. My first taste of ‘modeling’ was the photo of me with Jeremy Scott in i-D. I showed pretty much everyone I knew - I was so excited. Not only was I some northern nobody in i-D, but also I was with Jeremy Scott!
CM: I was mentioned in that i-D piece. I was dead chuffed. Did you feel comfortable with the MV shoot knowing the ‘gay’ connotations?
MA: The fact that people may think it’s a bit ‘gay’ doesn’t bother me one bit. Maybe I’m being a bit naïve? It wouldn’t be the first time, but I couldn’t care less what people think. I was just excited that someone thought I was good enough to be photographed. Like a proper model!
I appreciate, I may not be doing myself any favours by agreeing to it, and maybe even adding fuel to the ‘is he gay’ fire, but I’m not bothered. Those that know me know the score there. I don’t need to justify anything. Living in the North, I feel I have missed out on a lot of opportunities like this. I’m 30 now, and want to experience as much as possible.
CM: I know what you mean. I recently posed for Dazed – covered head to toe in BLACK paint. I would never have said yes to doing that when I was younger – I’m much more open to things as I get older. It’s the same with the door at BoomBox / Ponystep come to think of it. In fact we are quite similar in many ways. We are both becoming ‘Gay Icons’... ha ha ha!
MA: It seems that way! You know Jodie Harsh called me, “the gayest straight boy who ever lived”. I wasn’t too sure how to take it. Me being me, though, I just laughed it off and slipped into my sequined leggings!

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