28 jul 2011

Urban Fog

Urban fog is a temporary art installation and tea house project, led by atelier chanchan in collaboration withdesigners sarah khan, mickey kloihofer and mariana pestana. situated between the realm of art and architecture,the installation was designed to develop a momentary community event in what was previously a derelict urban void in east london. the site specific project is a response to an abandoned, walled and hidden pocket of space in the city, performing as a wider investigation into the notions of escape, transparency and thresholds.

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Rachel Whiteread

24 jul 2011

Sepentine Pavillion 2011

by Peter Zumthor

Sequential Cycles

by Lucia Turco

Dyslexia is a genetic condition of the brain that affects 10% of school age children in the UK. Unlike the common understanding of this condition as being only related to problems with reading and writing, dyslexia is a combination of many problems. In particular, dyslexic people struggle with conventions and abstractions and have difficulties with the perception of time, sequential time aspects and associating events to their timing.
The clock is a complex and abstract convention that translates something perceived as linear (the sequence of daily events) into something cyclical.

‘Sequential Cycles’ questioned if it was possible to design an educational tool to teach children a strategy to learn how to properly use conventional clocks. The project is the result of direct collaboration with children and teachers within Fairley House, a leading school for learning difficulties in Pimlico, London, over the academic year 2010/2011. Its two outcomes make it possible to visualise and play with the conventions within the clock through a multi-sensory approach. Successful evaluation has been carried out both in the domestic environment, with a dyslexic child and her family, and in the educational environment, with a group of children at Fairley House School.

I am very proud to say that Lucia is recipient of the Notable Student CORE 77 Award for Strategy/Research Design.

23 jul 2011


Happy Saturday

BL33N is a project created and photographed by Donovan and Matthias Vriens-McGrath.

Tell me three things that BL33N will have that no one else does.
MVM: A stunning site with an annual super slick print. Male and female nudity, without being gross but instead open minded about the body. Amazing T-Shirts available on there and at Collette Paris! I’m adding a fourth – A free download of Casey Spooner’s new song.

Can you tell me some of the successful (and easiest) tiers in the process of formulating the project into its fruition?
MVM: I have worked with my husband Donovan on just about every aspect of this launch issue of BL33N and that has brought forward some interesting dynamics. I do not know a lot of people that spend 24/7 together, as we certainly do. We shoot, edit, work, design, eat, fuck, and sleep together – and do a great job at all of it while having a blast…that’s a pretty intense life…like, you cannot believe.

Complete interview to Donovan and Matthias at Smashboxstudios.com

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