23 jul 2011


Happy Saturday

BL33N is a project created and photographed by Donovan and Matthias Vriens-McGrath.

Tell me three things that BL33N will have that no one else does.
MVM: A stunning site with an annual super slick print. Male and female nudity, without being gross but instead open minded about the body. Amazing T-Shirts available on there and at Collette Paris! I’m adding a fourth – A free download of Casey Spooner’s new song.

Can you tell me some of the successful (and easiest) tiers in the process of formulating the project into its fruition?
MVM: I have worked with my husband Donovan on just about every aspect of this launch issue of BL33N and that has brought forward some interesting dynamics. I do not know a lot of people that spend 24/7 together, as we certainly do. We shoot, edit, work, design, eat, fuck, and sleep together – and do a great job at all of it while having a blast…that’s a pretty intense life…like, you cannot believe.

Complete interview to Donovan and Matthias at Smashboxstudios.com

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que buenas fotos, me encanta tu blog! felicidades!

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