14 dic 2012

Kaikado tea caddy

Kaikado is a Japanese designer that has developed this beautiful design of containers for tea. They are made in copper, tin and brass. The honesty on the use of the material relates to the ancient tradition of tea in the far east culture, creating an unique piece that will change and evolve with time.

Limited edition for Wallpaper magazine

Picture of the week


13 dic 2012

Modern religious architecture

 I think I have expressed before my desire when I was studying architecture to design a church or a religious temple. Such an interesting typology on how humans we are trying to express the grandiosity of our spirituality.

12 dic 2012

Kim Thome

Works on Reflection

all images by Kim Thome

What it is beautiful about Kim's work is that it plays with our senses, like a magician  does the trick and makes us believe in something that is impossible. The pieces showed above as well as his final project at the RCA make us stop and think about each one trying to figure out how it works.

11 dic 2012

Maio Studio

by Maio

A studio based in Barcelona that define themselves as a group of creative consultants that re-interpret spaces through design and architecture. Conceptual design and consulting might be the future for many of the studios at the moment that they are not able to build anything but still have that creativity erupting from their minds ready to be embodied in any media or way. 

images via dezeen  and maio

9 dic 2012

Charlie by Mathew Zink

featuring Ryan Bertroche

En estas fechas tan entrañables y que hace un frio de pelotas creo que es de recibo compartir con vosotros algo que nos caliente a todos la mente y el cuerpo un poco... 

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3 dic 2012

De Wain Valentine

One of the most influential sculptors active in Los Angeles in the 1960’s and 1970’s, De Wain Valentine is perhaps best known for his striking, semitransparent, and delicately colored large-scale polyester resin sculptures of simple geometric forms that interact intensely with the surrounding light. Not as well known, however, are the challenges Valentine faced in finding a material that would allow him to realize his artistic vision.

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