25 nov 2011

Roberto Burle Marx

Safra Bank Roof Garden

Roberto Burle Marx (August 4, 1909, São Paulo – June 4, 1994, Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian landscape architect, whose designs of parks and gardens made him world famous. He is accredited with having introduced modernist landscape architecture to Brazil. He was known as a modern nature artist and a public urban space designer.

Largo de Carioca


He spent a lot of time in the Brazilian forests where he was able to study and explore. This enabled him to add significantly to the botanical sciences, by discovering new rocks and plants for example. At least 30 plants bear his name. Marx was also involved in efforts to protect and conserve the rain forest from the destructive commercial activities of deforestation for bananas and other crops and clear cutting of timber.

Safra Bank Roof Garden

Ministry of Health Education Roof Graden

Marx’s work “can be summarized in four general design concepts—the use of native tropical vegetation as a structural element of design, the rupture of symmetrical patterns in the conception of open spaces, the colorful treatment of pavements, and the use of free forms in water features”. This approach is exemplified by the Copacabana Beach promenade, where native sea breeze resistant trees and palms appear in groupings along Avenida Atlantica. These groupings punctuate Portugese stone mosaics which form a giant abstract painting where no section along the promenade is the same. This “painting” is viewed from the balconies of hotels, and offers an ever changing view for those driving along the beach. The mosaics continue the entire two and a half mile distance of the beach. 

Burle Marx Studio

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Fernando Mestre dijo...

Adoro a Roberto Burle Marx, antes de llegar a Brasil solo me sonaba por el (maravilloso)pavimento ondulado de Copacabana, y una vez aquí y empezar a encontrar cosas, la cosa fue in crescendo, hasta que descubri la totalidad del pavimento de Copacabana (ni se cuantas veces he andado arriba y abajo)... además de un gran paisajista, Burle Marx es un gran y maravilloso artista abstracto, un gran descubrimiento para mi!
Muchas gracias por divulgar su obra

Fernando Mestre dijo...

Por cierto, sabeis si esta publicado el proyecto completo de Copacabana, me gustaria tenerlo. Muchas gracias.

Anónimo dijo...

Nunca he visto mada mas haya que fotografías... Si encuentro algo mas lo publicare

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