17 dic 2010

Hight Houses

The concept of the project is simple. The houses rise up high into the airspace once occupied by falling mortar and artillery shells fired by the city’s besiegers in the surrounding mountains. By occupying the airspace, the High Houses reclaim it for the people of the city. Balancing on scavenged steel beams welded end-to-end, they are spaces of a new beginning for Sarajevo, one that challenges—in physical terms—the city’s past and present, aiming at a future uniquely Sarajevan. Stabilized by steel cables anchored to the site, the houses, poised like catapults, fulfill the paradoxical desire to fly and at the same time be rooted in their place of origin.

Project by Lebbeus Woods published on his

It is funny who with time I have realized how it cames to my memory projects or names which many years ago I will not be interested at all... One more reason to be open to inspiration from whichever source it may come... post (and the following) dedicated to Javier Navarro (Navorro) someone that I admire professionally and a dear friend.

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