15 dic 2010

Status Upgraded [Critical Journal Ep.10]

This was the second time that I talked with Benjamin Males. Almost 2 months later I was less speechless with him, therefore we have an interesting conversation for almost 1 hour where I showed what I have for the project so far.

What I got from all the things that we went through is a new concept of software based on the current social networking like facebook, hi5, orkut or twitter.
He came out with this inspired sentence: " Kitchen Status Updated".

The idea is simple... adding to the already existence status (single, education, etc.) of there will be a banner that will change depending on your GPS location and its viability of the services (laundry, kitchen, living room, bathroom). This is a way of fight against the feeling of uncertainty and unprotection that someone that is a nomad. This can be a virtual with physical consequences solution for the "anchors" that I have been asked to look for. All this shared facilities will keep us secured from the uncertainity of our future and our lives. We do not have that kitchen as a physical place in property but the feeling of being part of the system make us feel safe.

Issues driven by this reflexion/theory:
- Dependence a lot in the technology of the networking. If the signal has gone and the status is not anymore there... our physical place, inner space has disappeared.
- The privatization of this service will make it not to be the very happy idea of sharing as it was conceived from the beginning. But as history of humanity has shown us there are things, which we cannot fight with. Differenciation of classes there will be always. People with more money/power will have better/less shared services. The important thing driven here is the motor who drives this new way of living and society, based on principles of sustainability.

Here is a website just about facebook status http://www.facebookstatus.org/

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