9 nov 2011

When Paco meets GaGa

I was susprisely impress by Lady GaGa latest performance at the VMA not becuase she was again over the top singing literaly from the moon (this confirms that she is an "it" an entity from out space) but the costumes that she was wearing in my opinion has been the best outfit that Mr Formichetti has dressed the Mother Monster up. And I was even happier when I discovered that is the comeback, the "Rebirth" of Paco Rabanne into the "Pret a Porter". Manish Arora the new creative director has captured the esence of Paco's style and he has twisted it into a Prada/Valamain/Balenciaga ready to wear. After seeing the show it was obvious that Nichola falled in love with every single piece and convinced GaGa to buy/borrow them for her Haus Archive. 

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