14 nov 2011

VP Globe

by Verner Panton in 1969

The world is a ball. VP Globe from VerPan, the pendant light of cult designer Verner Panton, embodies his unique Space Age style. A cover of clear plastic gives the look free on chromium-plated and colorfully varnished metal elements which shine from the heart of the ball. vp globe is produced in two sizes, 40 und 50 cm. The smaler one is available in both, acrylic glass and glass.

“The people become sour if one likes colours. They do the same on person with imagination. The most want, what they are used to. But I must exaggerate to bring my punshline over”, Verner Panton expressed once. This may often have led to the fact that Panton Design was classified as not beeing timeless. Nevertheless, his young and timeless draughts and the big interest in them prove the opposite.

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