29 may 2010


“The Connections, the connections, the connections” by Charles Eames

Keep it simple and easily re-settable. With these two premises in my mind I wanted to add something related with my country or cultural background. I was attracted by the images of windmills. Ancient structures with ethnographic and cultural references which are universal due to El Quijote. At first it was an easy one-way spin trigger but then I made it more complex with 3 levels of connected movements and with nylon threats in order to slow down the movement.

Even though it was a small project, it reveals me an important lesson about design in general: there are many factors in the process of thinking and making that we cannot control. As designers we have to be one step forward and be able to react quickly with the best possible option.

Communication has been a key point during the whole year and in this project it was essential and the most difficult part of it. I was used to deal with other people but cultural issues has been tough. On the top of that working with people from other countries has been the most enriching experience of this whole year.

This week we did the final assessment for the first year course in MAID... it has been almost a year already, I can't believe it...

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