26 nov 2009

KG quotes

Last Thursday after one night without sleeping because of my final critique of my shoplifting project I went to the Serpentine Dialogues with Konstantin Gric and Alice Rawsthom. He was presenting the new exhibition he has organized called Design Real in the Serpentine Gallery of London. (Please don't hesitate to check oute the web they have developed for the exhibition which is really interesting)

Here I will write down some of the quotes he said:
"Design are many things that live in pharallel"
"The car is the championship of design"
"Product thinking could be also an extravaganza"... "There are many things that try to be moral"... "Just beautiful, just this purpose is the expresion of an individual in society"
"Are the principies of the XX century relevant today?", "Now is more broad, Modernisim build ideas on tools and on what they had, nowadays rather than projection we think about today, about the reality of our world"
"The quality of design is something specific and related with the context (when, where, who)"
"Style is a process, a way of working, is not abput formality"
"The pleasure id the romance I have with this objects..."

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