22 mar 2012

Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport


in construction 

roof images

I have to admit that I like Zaha Hadid architecture, but sometimes I see that the deployment of resources and advanced techniques in contruction are wasted in the very last minute with a lack of taste and being very bold with finishes and details. I think it would look much better if they step back. For example would not be nice to have built the Glasgow Museum of Transport as an unfinished warehouse...

Recently I read an article by the prestigious Lebbeus Woods that expressed his admiration to Zaha architecture, although he is seeing how as many big international studios. It seems like the quality and esence of the originality of Hadid's ideas have been contaminated and infected by the forms generated by the computer.

... one the most gifted architects of my time has been reduced to wrapping such conventional programs of use in merely expressionistic forms, without letting a single ray of her genius illuminate the human condition. Am I being pretentious and overly demanding? Of course. But that’s the way disappointed lovers behave. Exaggerated emotions. Absurd demands. Anger that transgresses all reason. She has let me down, and what makes it worse is that she apparently couldn’t care less. Lebbeus Woods

read the rest of the article here


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