5 feb 2011

Best Domestic Design 2011

wood-burning stove by Yanes Whühl

As a part of the Young Designers Fair, Swiss designer Wuehl Yanes shows his ‘Wood Stove’ at the Interieur Biennale in Kortrijk.

He created this little sculptural stove, for his graduation project at the Ecal University of Art and Design, Lausanne, Switzerland. The stove could fit into a room, to bring back the cozy fire place atmosphere. You either use it as a heater or a fire place, and either leave the stove closed or open.

The base, made of concrete, used to store wood. Smoke evacuation was placed on the back so the top can be flat, which allows the surface to place the teapot or pan filled with water for humidity.

according to Wallpaper* Magazine

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