2 feb 2011

Disintegrated Kitchen

“The kitchen presents a new typology in terms of a particular market. It simply suggests breaking away from both the idea of the made-to-measure and the integrated. Conceived as a piece of furniture, it is based on an idea of flexibility: building simply, far away from the wall, like a table that you put down and then take with you when you move.”


In my opioon this is already a classic from design, as you could see in previous post(s) I have been intrigued by the typology of the kitchen. It seems to me that we could read from each project what is is happening at that moment hystorically, culturally, etc. In that sence we can have: the integrated kitchen,
the flexible kitchen, the eco kitchen, the virtual kitchen...

aluminium, wood, plastic
main unit: 90 x 220 x 70 cm
Cappellini, Italy

From this project in particular I am interested in the flexibility of the object. The capability to be cuztomized by the user. Again he kitchen it is seen as an object like the ancient coal kitchens.

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