13 feb 2011

Learning from InesTable

Critcal Journal Ep.16

Last week I had hopefully my last tutorial about the idea for the outcome of my final project thesis... From the concept of seeing the city as a service I was stuck in the trouble of not being able to specify which could be my outcome that will be illustrate and follow the speech of my rationale.

I asked myself and the brief the questions: Who? What? Where? When?. The answers drawn that the design should be around technology at home and the possible features that may cause in a not far distance scenario that could be applied to a persona nowadays. Technology is the laptop as a tool that has substituted other gadgets from our households.

I came up with this idea of a plug in table that you will be able to customize instantly. But the truth is that if you set up something is very difficult that someone will change it again. Our fast society and multitasking brains responds to fast and easy movements... I am in this point of saying to myself that "the simpler, the better".

Ralph recommended me to look at the table as a ritual. Instead of different movements of pieces is us moving, interacting with the piece that it will help us to switch off one mode of the table and plug in another feature of it... For this reason it has to be portable and easy to use.

I am doing a quick research about our relationship with the desk and what do we feature on it... it is true that a flat, plain, continuos surface has a lots of tolerance to be free on it and play with it but discontinuity is a characteristic of our nowadays society and way of thinking and I want the design to reflect about it also.

"This is a table that explains a certain way of working in which the things themselves become actors, in which the ocupation of spaces is attentively studied, and in which the idea of time passing is played with". (...) "The table can be folded and moved to assume different positions, almost becoming a landscape that can change daily"

Images and text from Enric Miralles : works and projects, 1975-1995 / edited by Benedetta Tagliabue Miralles; introduction by Juan José Lahuerta.

"...esta mesa tiene el tamaño de una habitación, aproximadamente 3x2.80 metros, la forma que va teniendo va modificándose. Con esto es una pieza que, además, permite en el momento en que te sientas o decides en qué lugar vas a trabajar, envolverte alrededor de ti mismo. Yo creo que resumiría esta parte, que os quiero explicar hoy, casi laberíntica, en un objeto. Es una pieza construida en madera de roble, como las de las oficinas de principio de siglo. Construimos dos, que me parece bastante importante: ésta que está allí abajo, y esta que está acá. Esta pieza era casi, para entendernos, como una especie de kit de supervivencia: con esto, una cocina y un baño puedes vivir, creo, además que puedes vivir muy bien… La podría contar relacionada con muchas cosas… Es un instrumento de trabajo y a la vez es un instrumento de reflexión…Yo creo que la dimensión de mis proyectos es un poco la mesa”.

last tex and last image from blog hacedordetrampas

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