5 feb 2012

Do Ho Suh

This instalation: Sataircase III, is set up at the TATE Modern of London and respresents a staircase in the artist apartment in New York. It forms part from a series of pieces that talks about his personal memories of architectural spaces. "My work starts from refelction on space, specailly personal space". 

"... I am interestected not only in the physical space also the intangible, metaphorical and psycological, space is for me the one which encompasses everything. This is hightligted with the idea of a space in between 2 spaces in which circunstances the viewer imagine where does it come from and where does it take us this stair.

This work was originally exhibited at the Instanbul Bienneale 2003, that is why the colour of the textile is red.

Do Ho Suh was born in Seul,South Korea in 1962.

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