11 abr 2012

Santa Clara

by Isabel Sierra Gómez de León

These are the first studies on Santa Clara, in collaboration with José Ramón Sierra and José Cortines. The project documents the devastating effects of time and neglect at Convento de Santa Clara, founded in the year of the conquest of Seville by King Fernando III and partially abandoned since the 1990s.

Santa Clara is not only an document but a call of attention on the conditions of Spanish historic and architectural heritage in the XXIth Century.

These preliminary spacial studies use 35mm photography as a spontaneous method for a naive exploration of the maze-like vaults of the Convent in its current estate. 

My hometown, Seville, it is full of buildings with a lot of patrimonial interest which are left by politicians to its on risk and silent death...Spaces that should be given to the people to celebrate the heritage and history of our country. The truth is that Span and Andalusia in particular is a diamond in the rough, and I cannot stop dreaming with the day that someone with enough power can see this.

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