14 ene 2011

WIP the Day After

Critical Journal Ep.13

After the Show and the Feedback and can say that I am not completly happy with the result. I have to think about many things from the begining and start defining things. I have been told to draw the different scenarios for my project and define the time fram for my project... if it is 10 or 40 years from now.

In order to look at the scenarios I was not just adviced by the tuttors but also from a student graduated last year to look at people on those situations of nomadisim... talk to people living in halls, hotels, temporary flats... I have to put myself into the context.

From the day of the show and later in the examination day, they highlight that memories are not just trigger by the visual sense... there are smells, textures... that work also in building the memory.

I was suggested to look more at future scenarios and projects from electrolux for example, about augmented realiy and rapid prototyping.

Finally I was told to change the name of the interface, I cannot call it Facebook because is something else.

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