14 ene 2011

Q WIP [Critical Journal Ep.12]

By 2050 more than the 70% of the popullation (that will be over 9 billions worldwide) will be concentrated in the cities.

Due to the shriking of society many gaps have appeared in the urban landscape and the city is becoming more and more sponge-like. A new management system that intends to integrate these spaces, maximazing urban building use and elevating the quality of life in a mobile society.

An evolved software of Facebook will bring to the future inhabitants of the city a sense of stability in a bigger scale. The city as they will called Home in which they will create a comunity.

Still there is the problem of having to take your own possesions with you. Like a snail with its shell and the burden that this represents.

Accesible storage located at intransit spaces will help them to get relieve and again secure in a coordinated system. It works as a kiosk where you will deposit your gods and it will be automatically taken by a vacuum collection system to the main storage building.

Your prove of the transaction you will get a receipt that also is a token based card system that will trigger to a virtual representation of that object. It will be created automatically an object profile as we now for people right now for facebook, where you will be able to upload info, share experiences, etc. with other users.

The main condition is that they can be only 150 objects (as meaningful relationships we can have with people).

This project believe in the qualities of objectas as place makers.

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