3 ene 2011

Data Memory

Dr. Hard drive bag (healing your PC with injection bag) 2009
When a hard drive, which is filled with 100GB of your information, is infected by a computer virus, maybe you want to take a virtualvaccine to recover your system. This injection bag, which has a circuit of hard drive, can make the user feel that your system is healthy while using PC.

Absorption of Memory (to protect your memory) 2009
For how long do you believe that your memory card can be read? Are you sure that your digital contents are clearly deleted in a virtual world platform? If there was an expiry date in your memory card, how would you deal with this?
-This object could be used to keep your confidential data before the expiry date.
-Also, it protects by making it look like chocolate.

Personalised memory (lockable USB diary)2009
A diary is a container of personalised information for only the owner access. A diary, as information storage like a USB, does not only keep personal memories and experiences, but also secures secret data.

Russian Doll USB (tangibility based on quantity of information)2009
Thanks to todays high-technology, the size of memory stick is getting smaller. Meanwhile, the quantity of the memory is getting larger. For this reason, in terms of security, the way of keeping data is getting risky. Also, it is hard to realise current amount of information inside of memory stick device. The physical size of the device depending on the quantity of capacity can make people realise the different amount of virtual information they have.

The Life of information (memory and memorial)2009
Most people like to put a photo which contains a memorable experience in a frame during their lives. But also, when someone dies, a frame becomes a memorial to remind people of a personal death and their lives.
USB memory sticks inside of frames represent "human" having personal memories.It would be available for family members of dead people to trace memories and experiences of them in a virtual world such as an internet, while having memory storages as monuments of them in a physical world.

Hyuh Jin Lee objects for the Work in Progress Show 2009

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