30 ene 2011

Postcard [Critical Journa Ep.15]

Seminar by Stephen Hawyard

This seminar help me a lot for reinforce the new project. Basicly we had to submit a postcard that will express the scenario for our project based on a hook question, which it was also based on 3 quotes...

My 3 quotes had to be realted with the 3 sides of the project:

1- Home & Self / 2- Technology / 3- Slow down

1) Home relates to the security of a provate enclave where one can be free and in control of ones life. By Mihaly Csikzentmhalyi.

2) It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceed our humanity. By Albert Einstein.
3) Living in the future should be more about (...) a space you will escape from hyperactivity. By Jem Van Berkel.

The scenario I has choosen is the Japanese Tea Ceremony as a perfect example that visalize how a ritual helps to slow down.

The post card will work as a token and by a Qcode you will be linked to a video that will help to to reflect on your answer to the hook question. As I am putting the user in his/her second virtual life this also will help to show how this two are nowadays easily connected, making it easier for the 2.0 to dominate of 1.0 life

One of the feed back was that slow is an antitechnology trend. My design should provide the choice to be slow or fast depending on his/her needs. I have to be aware that this trend can be seen also as a psychological pressure of running from technology.

2 comentarios:

DavidBorrallo dijo...

estoy siguiendo con mucha entrega la evolución de tu proyecto, y a veces, entre tus palabras, veo ideas de las que hablamos en nuestra conversación estas navidades en el Restaurante La Plaza de Bormujos.

Yo voy vieno un avance, aunque no te veo convencido del todo. Vas en la dirección correcta.

Anónimo dijo...

Nuestra conversación me esta ayudando mucho a post racionalizar el proyecto. Como te dije has sido pieza clave para el cambio de dirección. Y tus pensamientos toda una inspiración!

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