30 ene 2011

Changes: Critical Journal Ep.14

DVD cover: En el vientre materno de National Geographic

After the WIPQ I was in a profound crisis. I was not convinced of my project at all. I was seeing it to big, with the scale of an architecture urban project. In my head was in front of me an horizont looking into the future without being able to visualize which could be the outcome of all this months of research.

At the work in progress show I presented a future scenario where the city will be your home. With the development of a software that will be a mix between Fourthsquare, Twitter and Facebook the inhabitants of the city will be able to live as nomads. Issues caused by overpopulation will be solved by the creation of a community that will work in a net where the primary needs for a fulfilled live (eating, washing,etc) will be solved in a an enhance of sharing.

Derived from this hypothesis, issues with personal belongings appear. So in parallel to the software appears a storage service. It will work with a token based system where you will have a virtual space for that object to storage also the memories derived from that object.


All this approach to technology seen it as an Utopia based for me a second reflection about our relationship with networking technology and te need to slow down.
It matches with research that I did at the beginning about the concept of home, as a place which main purpose has to be the creation of self. And a recently approach to read about cyborg anthropology make change to see the project from the perspective of a "positive" dystopia.

My project is built in this need that some of us have to disconnect. To close the door to your 2.0 persona, who is going to be more and more integrated in our analog life with ubiquouss and AIm technology, and to take time to the creation of self. Through a ritual you will be able to slow down and be able to disconnect and see the laptop as a no business tool or a burden to the hyperconnectivity and create a new environment appropriate for reflection.

Tutorial with Ralph Ball.

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