17 oct 2010

iida Green Life competition 2010


design by : Thomas Kosbau + Andrew Wetzler from usa
The world is suffering from a material found outside of every doorway. Asphalt has been used as the conventional paving material for the last 80 years. Extremely toxic chemicals are released in its production, installation, and are off-gassed throughout it’s lifetime. Asphalt greatly contributes to the urban heat island effect, reaching peak temperatures of 48–67°C. At current consumption levels, approximately 28,000,000 barrels of crude oil were required to create South Korea’s 86,990 km roadway system. This is roughly 5 times the amount of oil released into the Gulf of Mexico. Our project proposes the use of an organic process to create sandstone from sand as an alternate paving surface, thereby mitigating the harmful effects of asphalt.


design by : benet dalmau + (SBDA+CAS-DA) Benet Dalmau, Saida Dalmau, Anna Julibert, Carmen Vilar. from spain
We want to build a new environmentally-friendly town, were environment is considered as an important part of everyday life. We propose Spiral garden system: a public sustainable place like a green heart, easy to maintain and self-suffient, created by a joint population work that will cause a greater sociability among neighbours. Like a spiral, a light structure protected by a transparent and suggestive mesh, raises the city to create sustainable exchange places in different ways. This spiral contains an ascendant garden where native vegetation areas coexist with urban orchards shared and planted for the neighbours in a way to establishing a green outdoor walk and making easy the involvement of neighbourhood residents in their creation and maintenance, as well as increasing social relations between people, exchanging the natural products gowned and causing an environmental exchange. To sum up, we propose an ecological project in a way to give sustainable change to daily city lives, where humans and nature can coexist.

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