25 oct 2010

Typology: Trunk [Critical Journal Ep.03]

I think I will never find easy the creative proccess. With this exercice I felt like jumping into an empty swimming pool... We have to interpretate the narrative of our project into a typology choose by ourselves. This last week I have been asking to myself what is my project about. Possibly I will keep the answer open until I finally submit the thesis.

Today we can read that my proposal is this:

Proceses of living interaction. The aim of this project is to find new ways of living interaction in our home environments, by finding new proccesses driven by future issues (overpopullation) and technology (network).

The typology that I have choosen at the end is the suitcase, to be more specific is a trunk.

A trunk, also known as a travelling chest, is a large cuboid container for holding clothes and other personal belongings, typically about 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in) wide, and .5 m (1 ft 8 in) each deep and high. Although trunks have been around for thousands of years in China and elsewhere, the most common styles seen and referred to today date from the late 18th century to the early 20th, when they were supplanted in the market by the cheaper and lighter suitcase.


Trunk by Louis Vuitton called "Breakfast in the dessert"

Ocean created by Andrée Putman.

Armario baúl

It worth it to have a look at this website TT Trunks Paris. Were you can see the crazynest reached by these type of objects that remind us the begining of the last century.

I found quite interesting hightlight the possibility of humans being again nomads. Going back to our origins we will have to carry our gods and each time we will have to create from different spaces our place to live, but never permanently.

Figure 1: rimowah.gif (GIF Imagen, 260x291 pixels).

Available at: http://www.elitista.info/imagenes-productos/rimowah.gif

Figure 2: fendi_bau1.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 400x300 pixels).

Available at: http://spintravel.blogtvargentina.com.ar/img/image/Spintravel/2009/Marco/fendi_bau1.jpg

Figure 3: ita.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 400x318 pixels).

Available at: http://www.redecorando.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/ita.jpg

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